5 Unique Wedding Registry Snags

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We have been married almost a whole YEAR and I know it’s cliché but I cannot believe how quickly it’s gone. I can’t claim to be an expert on most things marriage (or anything¸ really) but with a year under my belt, I might be able to provide some insight on the Goliath that is the wedding registry. We received so many amazing and generous items but I remember the registry process itself being a little overwhelming. There were some things specifically that I was hesitant to register for. But lo and behold, these things have become some of my favorites. For those currently in the thick of of endless hours of researching inconsequential home items and trying to pick the best, I wanted to provide some encouragement and give a list of unique items I almost didn’t register for but that I’m very glad I did. Here it goes — and if you’re a compulsive shopper like me, everything is linked to their respective Amazon pages:



Every registry needs a solid set of pots — literally. ;) I’ve always dreamed of having a gorgeous French copper pot set. It’s a little trendy right now and Anthony kept telling me that I wouldn’t love it as much in a year or so. I’m glad I didn’t listen because I am still obsessed with these things. They’re non-stick and easy to clean and cook well but to be honest, I don’t care about those things as much. Mostly, I just care that they’re so. freaking. pretty. They’ve started to stain a little bit on the outside and I’m sure there’s a way to make clean them and make them gleam again but I’m kind of into the aging and am just going to let them do their thing.



If an organized pantry makes you happy, you’ll swoon over these little beauties. I’m not the most naturally organized person but I’ve been converted partially due to these guys and partially due to having a kitchen less than two strides long. Needless to say, organization is essential and these have been our saving grace. We keep flour, sugar, chia seeds, rice, and a ton of other things in them. My plan is to get a few more and transition everything into them — I’m envisioning portioning out nuts into baggies for easy grabbing and even having a laundry-dedicated one to store Oxyclean.


A tried and true registry classic for a reason. I know I’m not blowing anyone’s mind by including a KitchenAid on a wedding registry list BUT I did want to make a plug for the attachments specifically. I have to admit that despite being the daughter of a Betty Crocker-level baker, my own ventures into baking this last year have been mostly limited to lots of pizza dough and a few batches of gluten-free muffins. In fact, the only flour currently in my pantry is high-protein 00 pizza flour. But despite not being the KitchenAid’s classic target demographic, I registered for the machine and all its attachments and seriously, the attachments took this thing to the next level. We got the pasta extruder (pictured), spiralizer, and whisk and these extras took what would’ve been occasional to near weekly use. So if you’re registering for the KitchenAid, definitely tack on the attachments as well.


A few months before we created our registry, I won an Amazon Alexa at the White Elephant Holiday party at work. We were immediately entranced by the Alexa and decided we wanted to make our new married apartment as “smart” as possible. These plugs sync to Alexa and allow you verbally turn different devices on and off. We currently have them connected to our televisions, all of our lamps, and the noise machines we use at night. Even if you don’t have an Alexa, the plugs are synced to an app that you can use to turn everything on and off from your phone. You can do it from anywhere you have WiFi so sometimes when I’m working late and I know Anthony is home I’ll turn our living room lamp on and off as a lil’ prank.


This is definitely the most random and frivolous item we had on our registry. My old roommate Lucy got a record player when we were living together and I immediately fell in love. It was one of the first things we had on our registry and it was the thing I was sure we weren’t going to get. I mostly put it on there so that I could get a completion discount on it after the wedding. I was surprised when it was actually the first gift we got. It’s been the most fun thing in our house and has added records as a new fallback gift we can give each other.

Now, I didn’t put this one on the list because I think that everyone needs or even wants a record player but because I think that the registry should include not just the essentials of newlywed life but also the fluff. If you’re excited about it, chances are that one of your loved ones will be excited about getting it for you. So whatever it is — be it a record player or a plant or a sushi making kit (guilty) — if you want it and you think it’d improve your married quality of life, throw it on there.

I hope the registry making process is as pain free as possible. Just remember — all’s well that ends well. And chances are when it comes to your wedding, it’s going to end really well.

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